Here at BAMCIS we turn ideas into actionable plans, and actionable plans into completed projects. No matter what size the project our approach is guaranteed to obtain outstanding results.

We manage complete projects from start to finish ensuring a smooth, efficient process. We will manage the various trades required for the job, organize schedules, ensuring the workforce is punctual and committed. We ensure time limits are met and sub-trades are booked. Thorough research is carried out ensuring that appropriate materials are ordered in sufficient time and we take a lead role in on-site safety. We will be your main point of contact throughout this process and we have advisory experts on hand for your purposes.

At BAMCIS we believe that we are leaders due to our unique six-stage project management process. BAMCIS is an acronym created by the US Marine Corps and employed to assist Marines in improving their leadership skills.

BAMCIS uses the following stages, as outlined in the acronym, to obtain outstanding results: Begin Planning, Arrange for Reconnaissance, Make Reconnaissance, Complete the Plan, Issue the Order, and Supervise (the most important step) Click here to find out more.